Saturday, May 27, 2006

Guess it's time to get off my butt...

I've resisted posting for a long time because of a deep concern for the health of anyone who might be brought here due to random Google searches for "Britney-fucking-doggie-style-on-a-bearskin-rug":

(So? I didn't tell you that Britney is fucking having a baby doggie-style on a bearskin rug? By the way, has anyone seen a rear view photo of this statue? The rear view with K-Fed Jr's noggin crowning? Not that I'd like to take advantage of pervs out searching for "BritneyFucking HavingaBaby Doggie-Style OnaBearskinRug RearView WithHeadCrowning.jpg" for page view #s that will push me to early retirement flush with hundreds of hundreds of dollars.)

My concern for reader health is due to the unintended physical effects of reading my harrowing tales of life in the ass-end of poker, low-limit. I believe that some of my tales are so compelling and riveting that the involuntary tightening in the dear reader's rear end will actually lead to debilitating sphincter-sprain.

Perhaps I am a little over-focused on the 'nether regions this morning. My ass is raw, ass my lasst FPP-tourney session left my top 2-pairs beat 3 times in a row by rivered straights. I only slowplayed 1 of them, the others were backed into by luckboxes overplaying pairs. Such is life.

No, I'll tell a 2 half-truths for why I fell off the face of the earth blog-wise. First, my greatest natural talent is laziness.

Second, some of the poker bloggers I follow like a starry-eyed schoolgirl have been going through wrenching life...err "changes" of the good, old-fashioned, toe-curling variety for the last six months. Mayhem wreaked by leaky colons or bad-poetry spouting douchebags, even the heartbreak of working in Hollywood.

Shouting into the void about .50/1 NL beats seemed a little unseemly. I read and kept my mouth shut. I didn't even comment, as years of verbal warfare with rightwing idiots have blunted my enthusiasm for comment threads. I even got too busy for the WWdN game a few times, and slowly forgot to even play in that. I dropped off the scene, having hardly been on the fucker in the first place.

What could bring me back here to address the legions of web-search site spiders that are my only fraudience?

This will do it.

Might as well take a shot, although I know that my chips will be safely inside some professional luckbox's chip stack within minutes.