Thursday, June 08, 2006

WTO No-no...

The Democrats who run Washington state decided recently to lump online poker players in with pedophiles and meth dealers. On June 7th, online poker will be officially, specifically, outlawed in The State That Microsoft Built. It makes me ashamed of my party. Why the fuck can't we be for freedom across the board and let people make their own choices? Idiots. All bullshit like this does is strengthen the image of Democrats as meddling nannies and cost us the votes of small-l libertarians who should be our allies in this time of illegal wiretaps and surveillance cameras everywhere.

Setting aside the serious question of how these geniuses plan on enforcing the ban (I'm suuuure the sites will hand over lists of WA players.), what if this takes off nationally?

Any lawyers reading this? My question is--since all the card rooms are based in foreign countries, could WA be violating the "level playing field" provisions of the WTO? After all, live poker is legal all over the country, but our governmental morons outlaw the version that is only foreign-based.



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